Where can I find an in home wine bar?

When it comes to matters of the home, there are a lot of things that one may add to their wish list. I know that for me, the one thing on my wish list that I wanted to have so badly was an in home wine bar.

Wine is one of my favorite things to drink. I live out in the southern part of Louisiana where beer and whiskey are the common drinks for parties and gatherings. However, when there is a gathering or party at my house, wine is always on the menu.

So getting in home bar furniture was an absolute must. I purchased my first in home wine bar just a few months after getting settled into my new home. I didn’t get the wine bar with the intention that it was going to be such a big hit at family gatherings. I got it with the intention to keep all of my “mommy wine” in one place.

Where to look

I found the in home wine bar that I currently have in my home at a website called Dreams of Merlot. I know, the name even sounds fancy. But that is where I ordered it from. It didn’t cost an arm and leg and I got to choose from a large section of different name brands and designs of in home wine bars.

I actually just ordered a new one from this place yesterday. One that was a little more expensive than the last one that I ordered, but I am super excited to get it in and put it up in my home.

It is going to be the finishing touch to my small yet very beautiful wine room.